StandardWhat Isolates Are And Why You Should Avoid Them

August 11, 2021by The CBD0

Isolates are popping up more and more in the aromatherapy world, which may lead you to wonder what they are and if they’re in Edens Garden’s oils. Our essential oil experts are on the case and ready to discuss everything you need to know about isolates and why they may be a concern to you. 

What Are Isolates? 

Each essential oil contains tens of hundreds of natural components. Isolates are ‘isolated’ essential oil components that have been manually separated from the essential oil through fractional distillation, selective CO2 extraction and column chromatography which involves the use of chemical solvents. Occasionally, isolates are a cheap byproduct of oils such as folded citrus essential oils where limonene may be removed to increase the amount of other components.   

Why You Should Avoid Them

There are many reasons companies may choose isolates over essential oils, and it’s for these same reasons we suggest avoiding them. Here’s why. 

Consistency Isn’t Key

Plants are affected by rainfall, pH of soil, sunlight, fertilizers and more. These factors affect a plant’s chemistry, which results in chemical differences between essential oils. You might notice a variation in the aroma of essential oil batches as a result. This is normal and expected of natural products, but some companies may alter an essential oil’s chemistry by adding isolates to create uniform, consistent batches with the same color, aroma and other organoleptic traits. A larger issue is if a company does not disclose these practices. This may be fine to some, but to those who are expecting to receive an essential oil that is as close to nature as possible, this can be a problem. 

Natural Is Better

While isolates are obtained from natural products, we find that the more a natural product gets processed down (in this case, to one single component), the more value it loses. This is why we prefer whole essential oils and go to great lengths to ensure minimal processing occurs between the plant stage and the essential oil stage. With minimally invasive processing, we’re able to obtain highly therapeutic essential oils with beautiful, complex aromas, and this is something that isolates simply cannot offer. 

Nature’s Synergy Blends

As mentioned earlier, essential oils in and of themselves are a synergy of tens of hundreds of natural, therapeutic components. These components work together to create powerful essential oils that effectively heal wounds, boost immunity, lower stress, enhance sleep, and more. We believe that this is the way nature intended it, and why isolates are not found in nature as they are–isolated. By using isolates in place of whole essential oils, you’re giving up the powerful, complex therapeutic and aromatic properties that essential oils have to offer. 


In cosmetics and fragrances, isolates are often used and referred to as ‘natural fragrance.’ Isolates may be added to products because they have basic aromas that are easier to use than essential oils which each have their own, complex aromas. They may also be cheaper than the essential oils they’re obtained from. However, isolates can also have heightened safety precautions, such as being more sensitizing, than their essential oil counterparts. 

100% Pure Essential Oil

At Edens Garden, we offer 100% pure essential oils and synergy blends, free of isolates, synthetics, additives, preservatives and more. This is something that we don’t and will never compromise on because we want to leave essential oils the way nature intended–pure and unadulterated. And this is just one of many standards that sets us apart. To learn more about our uncompromising standards, click here

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