StandardWelcoming Four New Summer Blends

June 15, 2021by The CBD0

Enjoy the aromas of beachside vacations, freshly picked fruit and sunshine with our 4 limited-edition Summer blends. Each blend was formulated to capture the essence of the brightness and positivity of the season. Every bottle is an instant getaway and inspiring combination of our 100% pure essential oils. These limited-edition blends won’t last long so be sure to get yours before they’re gone for good. 

Limited Edition Summer Blends

Add To Cart

Some of the best botanicals can be found on a stroll through the market. This was our inspiration behind Add To Cart, a blend of Oranges, Grapefruits, Coconuts, Limes and other produce you might pick up at the market. Add To Cart’s bright, fresh and fruit-forward aroma is the perfect pick-me-up.

Pink Lotus Sands

Featuring exotic oils like Neroli, Pink Lotus and Oud, Pink Lotus Sands is a citrus-forward blend filled with warmth and elegance. Pink Lotus Sands is an oasis for the senses, especially on stressful days. Take this blend with you on vacation or use it at home to stay grounded and present.   

Sun-Kissed Linen

Enjoy the aroma of freshly cleaned laundry and summertime brightness with Sun-Kissed Linen. Its clean aroma combines woodsy evergreen trees and floral bouquets, creating a perfectly balanced blend. Add Sun-Kissed Linen to natural cleaners, laundry or room sprays for a clean summer aroma.

Wind & Sea

A sophisticated, ocean-inspired blend of Coconut, Bergamot, Lime and more, Wind & Sea is the next best thing to a day at the beach. Diffuse Wind & Sea and be transported to sailing along the Mediterranean coastline. Its sunny aroma promotes positivity and stress relief for a long, fun-filled summer.

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