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July 16, 2021by The CBD0

THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)
My Experience with Sunset Octane was one of an unbalanced High, which, although quite enjoyable, was too short lived to create a lasting impression.
My first impression was aromatic as is usually the case with Evermore, who I’ve come to think of as having the richest aromatics amongst cultivators in Maryland.
As was the case with Sunset Octane which first reports with a sweet, almost creamy, berry and fuel aroma that really just sucked the air out the room.
off kilter artsy photo of sunset octane buds

I figured the aromatics along with the terpene profile which was outstanding that Sunset Octane was going to push the meter into the red…
However, whereas sunset octane did meet my expectations with initial jolt of euphoria and mental uplift it didn’t seem to have any longevity and both the cerebral and physical effects seem to fade rather quickly thankfully leaving me where they found me …unfortunately I went through the eighth so fast because of this and so, I can’t rationalize another purchase of this strain which I won’t be choosing to spend my weekend with again.

shot gorgeous sunset octane bud from a distance with evermore jar in background
2/5 top notch aromatics, interesting and potent terpene profile, nice initial cerebral effect and body buzz but both were short lived and faded too fast to merit a repeat purchase.
Evermore is more like Never More with this batch of Sunset Octane.
Put some legs on this please!

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