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August 3, 2021by The CBD0

Combine all your ferrets into the magnificent Gotron on the latest episode of Rick and Morty! 

Show Notes – S5E7: Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion

Semi Pertinent News


  • Summer Meets God (Rick Meets Evil)
  • Reddit Post of the Week
  • Dan Harmon Social Media Minute

Main Thang – Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion


Episode Details

Broh-nopsis: Check these ferrets broh. Gotta keep it in the family though.

Our Synopsis: As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a Gotron fella


  • Title Reference: A little Voltron, a little Neon Genesis Evangelion. 
  • Theme
    • Voltron/Anime 
      • Throwbacks to some classic anime tropes
    • Mob Family/Gangster Films
      • The voice overs
      • Family is hugely important in those films…
      • The rise of the family montages
      • Specific Movie parallels 
        • Godfather
        • Scarface
        • Goodfellas/Casino
          • Those voiceovers for starters
          • The hangout on the abandoned planet
    • Rick’s ability to take things too far
      • Looking at you vat of acid
      • Morty has a level of trust with Rick where Morty reminds him to tone it down, but Summer blows that up
      • Summer likes being closer to Rick, but Morty knows it won’t end well
  • Best/Worst Parts
    • The GoTron animations
    • The return of the incest baby
      • How does this change thoughts on ep 4?
      • Can we move on now?
      • Is this the price fans pay when they ask for serialized content?
    • The post credits scene
  • Favorite Bits
    • “Summer Camp” nickname
    • All the spots where the GoTron Ferrets emerged (but mostly the parking garage)
    • The montage music (A bit of pasta with some anime combined…)
    • Little Ricky Wrap it Up and Yo-Yo Rick
    • The random sounds the Anime GoTron characters make
    • Ecto-Cooler
    • Jerry thinking “I brought you into this world, I can take you out” is legally binding
    • Rick’s Rick gun (BangBangBang)
    • Voiceovarians

Short Outs


  • YouTube Comment
    • ​​coeus1469 commented: “We should play a game: Mute Brandon while he’s doing the main thing transition song – best guess for what he is experiencing wins. It’s the eyes behind the glasses that reveal all :).”

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