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July 20, 2021by The CBD0

We learn that it’s not cool to be cool and even less cool to pick on the not-cool kids on this episode, Amortycan Grickfitti!

Show Notes – S5E5: Amortycan Grickfitti

Semi Pertinent News


  • Come on and slam, and welcome to the Jam
    • Rick and Morty in new Space Jam movie
  • u/daniederhofa
  • Dan Harmon Social Media Minute

Main Thang – Amortycan Grickfitti


Episode Details

  • Air Date: 7/18/2021
  • Written by: Anne Lane
  • Directed by: Kyounghee Lim
  • Guest Stars: Darren Criss, Troy Baker, Brandon Johnson, and Echo Kellum

Broh-nopsis: Adults r gone tonight, broh. Grab the keys.

Our Synopsis: The only way to beat a bully is with sincerity… that or fire.


  • Title Reference: Before George Lucas was known for Star Wars, he had THX 1138… but also his 1973 gem about one final night of hanging with friends down on the strip. It’s American Graffiti
  • Theme
    • Obvious Hellraiser nods here
      • Just let Brandon talk about it and get it out of his system
    • Bullies and punching down
      • A-Plot: Rick takes Jerry out on “guy’s night” so a bunch of hellspawn can laugh at him
      • In this scenario the demons get pleasure from the Jerry “cringe”
      • Rick thinks he is better than Jerry which we find out in the end is “the lamest thing ever”
      • B-Plot: Bruce Chutback is the new kid in school and Morty teams up with Summer to try and win over the cool new kid
      • Chut uses his newness to make others think he is cool and manipulate his standing in school, even if it is short lived
      • Rick Actually loves Jerry
    • How do we feel about Jerry these days?
    • Coming of Age Films
  • Best/Worst Parts
    • The ‘faulty skin hooks’ being worked into the story
    • Bruce Chutback theme song
    • Character and environment designs
  • Favorite Bits
    • “Don’t tell Ross but I got this little ditty from Khol’s”
    • Jerry’s Karaoke to “Oh Yeah” played over the kid’s joyride
    • The car fishing for Galactus 
    • “Isn’t a doorknob a virgin”
    • Hi-IQ signs in the bar // I am in Grape Pain Beers
    • Girl with a Planetina shirt on in background of bar
    • Evil Things are Happening Song
    • “He lacks slacks, and that’s the facts”
    • Olympic Diving with terrible swimmers
    • Berllyium Zepplin
    • Nerds

Short Outs


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