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July 13, 2021by The CBD0

After last week’s heartfelt episode, let’s take it down a bunch of notches with Rickdependence Spray. Was Bill Pullman proud? Listen to find out!

Show Notes – S5E4: Rickdependence Spray

Semi Pertinent News


  • Ryan Elder Interview Clip
  • Leaked Ep 7
  • Reddit Post of the Week
  • Art of Rick and Morty V2
  • Comic Con at Home 2021
  • Dan Harmon Social Media Minute

Main Thang – Rickdependence Spray


Episode Details

  • Air Date: 7/11/2021
  • Written by: Nick Rutherford
  • Directed by: Erica Hayes
  • Guest Stars: Christina Ricci, Kyle Mooney, Keith David, Adam Rodriguez, and Michelle Buteau. Sorry, no Amazing Johnathan or Kathy Ireland

Broh-nopsis: No shame broh. We all do it broh.

Our Synopsis: We don’t want to talk about what we saw. I saw Showgirls with my Dad one time, it was awful. Then there’s this episode


  • Title Reference: An obvious shout-out to the 1996 film, Independence Day. Guessing from the preview, Bill Pullman will be proud.
  • Favorite Bits
    • The barrel explosion cut to Morty passed out
    • Orgasogoblins, Cumplestiltskins, Skeet Boogins
    • “It-it had a gun!”
    • Jerry the water guy
    • Rick’s Doc-Oc Arms
    • Trebuchet banter
    • “You became a woman today”
    • Blazen’s death sequence 
    • “Handjob Solo”
    • “This is out there even for us.” Meta comment by Morty about the CHUDs
    • Best/Worst Parts
      • What was with the ultra-machismo stuff?
      • Sperm Queen?
      • Amazing Johnathan (best or worst?)
      • The rest of Vegas regulars
      • Impressive action scenes in Vegas (Erica strikes again)
    • Theme
      • Sperm & CHUDs (Cannibalistic Horse Underground Dwellers?)  
      • Honesty
        • The claims about Morty never lying
        • His shame causing him to lie
        • Him almost learning his lesson at the end
      • Shame in kink
        • We were all 14 once but have some self control
      • Toxic Masculinity 
        • Ignoring Summer’s Ideas
        • Bashing Beth’s opinions
        • Not sending any women out to fight
    • Other Lil’ Bits
      • Technically, this is episode 505 production-wise, though it is the 4th episode to air. Not at all confusing
      • Title Reference: An obvious shout-out to the 1996 film, Independence Day. Guessing from the preview, Bill Pullman will be proud.
      • Anyone ever seen the horror anthology film Chillerama? There’s a segment called Wadzilla. Unrelated, just wanted to mention it
      • Lots of CHUD references tonight. Check out the 1984 film CHUD (Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers) starring Daniel Stern if you’re interested
      • Notice the episode callback to a Queen that needs kickboxing?
      • Zumanity is real and I saw it one time. It was very sexy.
      • The post-credit stinger is very reminiscent of the Ray Bradbury short story, “The Rocket Man” from his anthology novel, “The Illustrated Man”
      • A little 2001 Space Baby action

Short Outs


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