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June 29, 2021by The CBD0

Decoys, decoys everywhere, and not a moment to rest in S5E2: Mortyplicity! Were our minds blown? Was it a Ricklantis Mixup? Have a listen!

Show Notes – S5E2: Mortyplicity

Semi Pertinent News


  • Strange Planet Series
    • Harmon is teaming up with Nathan Pyle to bring a series based on his Strange Planet comics to Apple
  • Reddit Post of the Week
    • Cypher_69xx – I’ve Waited Enough – Me Waiting for the Second Episode of Season 5 – Time without purpose is a prison
  • Dan Harmon Social Media Minute
    • The idea for Nimbus on the back of a controller

Main Thang – Mortyplicity


Episode Details

  • Air Date: 6/27/2021
  • Written by: Albro Lundy
  • Directed by: Lucas Gray
  • Guest Stars: Keith David, Tom Kenny, Rob Schrab

Broh-nopsis: Who’s even real, broh? Are you real? Broh?

Our Synopsis: They are no longer Ricks and Mortys and Beth’s and Jerrys or also Summers


  • Title Reference: A riff off the classic 1996 film, Multiplicity, starring the Mr. Mom/Batman/Birdman/Vulture man himself, Michael Keaton
  • Jerry and the can of varnish Ticket to the World beyond the River
  • Who *were* the real family?
    • OBVIOUSLY the Space ones at the end
    • Evidence: Terrestrial Adventures / Space Adventure 
    • Evidence: Space Beth is this episodes’ The Constant
  • Whiteboarding love
  • Externalizing the internal through the actions of others
    • I get hard protecting my family
    • The peaceful Smiths
    • I’m sorry I love you
  • Theme
    • Low Stakes 
      • Jerry, can’t you see we’ve moved onto higher stakes? Well, I don’t see any stakes at all
      • “Anthology Episode”
      • More akin to Tales from the Citadel
      • Does it make it hard to appreciate an episode when the stakes are so low?
    • Sentient Life
  • Favorite Bits
    • “Highlander Rules” & Sean Connery as The Spaniard
    • “Mr. Always wants to be hunted”
    • “I get hard protecting my family”
    • “Like WestWorld (Ex Machina) but don’t eff them”
    • The fold out whiteboard in Rick’s ship
    • When Wolf
    • Low tech passwords 
    • Rick’s costuming is canon
    • “If you really want to know what happened to beths mom…”
    • Can’t stop saying “Hunt me, Hunt me”… creepy twist
      • They give Jerry shit but Rick wonders about him at the end
    • Ciao Bella to our deposit… “hello beautiful to our deposit”
    • Lemon Free lemon squares
    • Gotye Rick
    • Asimov rules
    • Creepy ass face Rick… there be monsters

Short Outs


  • Email!
    • Ranma – How Enemies are Made

I find it interesting that this episode could basically be considered a breakdown of how Ricks indifference to others causes him to have so many enemies, and consequently how Morty is gradually becoming just like him. Morty was fully aware of the time dilation and if he had just denied Hoovy’s offer of help, made sure he stayed on the other side of the portal, or didn’t close it none of this would have happened. basically all of this is the result of morty not sparing a second to think about someone who helped him. you’ll notice he never acknowledges this it’s always i just want some wine why are you so angry. even as he watches the centuries pass

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