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September 7, 2021by The CBD0

It’s part 1 of our 2 part Season 5 finale coverage with our deep dive look at Forgetting Sarick Mortshall! 

Show Notes – S5E9: Forgetting Sarick Mortshall

Semi Pertinent News


  • Live Action Ad Bumps with Christopher LLoyd and Jaeden Martell
  • From our Patron, Nicholas Charles
  • Trover Saves the Universe Comics by Tess Stone
  • Dan Harmon Social Media Minute

Main Thang – Forgetting Sarick Mortshall


Episode Details

  • Air Date: 9/5/2021
  • Written by: Siobhan Thompson
  • Directed by: Kyounghee Lim
  • Guest Stars: Lee Harting, Phil Lamarr, Alaina Moore

Broh-nopsis: Two Crows, broh. These guys are mad smart

Our Synopsis: A breakup isn’t easy, but neither are the rebounds. We love this trash, yum yum trash. 


  • Title Reference: Forgetting Sarah Marshall and, well, Samurai Jack
  • Theme
    • This episode at its core talks about breakups and how Rick and Morty try to move on.
      • The Portal Boys 
        • Teaming up with someone who was also hurt by Rick, makes the relationship still about Rick
        • Morty actually learning to stand up for himself in a toxic relationship?
      • Rick and his two crows
        • A bit to show that Morty is easily replaced
        • Rick learning he needs to have some empathy
        • Rick going off with the two crows at the end (and giving up his portal gun).  Does this open the door for yet another change in who Rick is?
    • How would we feel if this was the end of an episode that didn’t have another episode immediately afterward?
  • Favorite Bits
    • Morty cleaning up after Rick (the cookie planet is a bit too on the nose)
    • Garbage Goober (post credits stinger included)
    • Wheel of better things than Morty
    • Morty’s Solo-Adventure Bike Spaceship
    • Puddle Jerry
    • Turned crows against dozens of humans in a 300 meter radius
  • Best/Worst Parts
    • The mental hospital prison break
    • How Morty ended the Portal Boys
    • Rick and Two Crows, 1000 seasons! Forever

Short Outs


  • Check out the next episode!!!!

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