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August 10, 2021by The CBD0

This newest episode has all the backstory and lore you’ll ever need or want; it’s Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort!

Show Notes – S5E8: Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort

Semi Pertinent News


  • 3 Weeks Off!
    • The 1-hour Season Finale will be September 5th
    • Rickmurai Jack and Forgetting Sarick Mortshall were the two teased episode titles we haven’t seen in S5
    • Combo of both? 
  • They finished writing S7?!
  • Reddit Post of the Week
    • Peter Capaldi is a perfect rick. Not linking /u/dollmaker
  • Dan Harmon Social Media Minute

Main Thang – Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort


Episode Details

  • Air Date: 8/8/2021
  • Written by: Albro Lundy
  • Directed by: [Erica Hayes](
  • Guest Stars: Nick Reczynski, Tom Kenny

Broh-nopsis: Friendship is hard. It’s like a journey of the mind, broh.

Our Synopsis:  i wish my friends were as good as Rick


  • Title Reference: Good ol’ Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. What a great movie.
  • Favorite Bits
    • That spinning, flying, murder-hug at Blood Ridge
    • The really artsy bit when Rick first enter’s BP’s mind
    • Squanchy’s open mic
    • “Sorry I’m just doing my job…And loving it” Bad Guys!
    • Nibble my Cloaca
    • BP remembering the plumbis in Rick’s garage
  • Best/Worst Parts
    • W: When the AI was explaining BP’s condition (it took me 3 watches to get it)
  • Theme
    • Friendship and Serialization
      • our subjective perceptions of others (it’s emotional intelligence type stuff)
        • romanticizing our relationships
    • What makes a good Friendship? (answer: it depends on the friend)
  • Big Reveals: 
    • How/Where Rick and BP met
    • Rick’s original *Beth* is dead (and thus original Morty/Summer don’t exist)
    • BirdDaughter
    • Tamantha
    • GearDude vs GearHead
  • General talk:
    • Lore and serialized expectations 
      • Flashback to episode 4 way back in 2017 (Battle of Blood Ridge)
    • Reusing the mind-blowers gun

Short Outs


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