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September 7, 2021by The CBD0

It’s part 2 of our 2 part Season 5 finale coverage with our deep dive look at the canon and depth of Rickmurai Jack!

Show Notes – S5E10: Rickmurai Jack


Main Thang – Rickmurai Jack


Episode Details

  • Air Date: 9/5/2021
  • Written by: Jeff Loveness & Scott Marder
  • Directed by: Jacob Hair
  • Guest Stars: Cecilia Gault, Lee Harting, Rob Schrab

Broh-nopsis: Tryin something new broh. Doin it big

Our Synopsis: You finally did it damn you, Evil Morty, damn you! These two are growing…


  • Title Reference: Well… Samurai Jack
  • Theme
    • Twice in the last two episodes Morty talks about hitting “the reset button” and getting told no.  I can’t help but feel this is a tip to the audience that we are not doing resets anymore, but canon is here and not going away (even if it fades to the background at times)
    • Another Citadel Misdirect for an episode steeped in canon (the Citadel runs on Canon)
      • Evil Morty
        • His entire arc so far has been to scan Rick C-137’s brain to find a way to escape the Central Finite Curve. 
        • S1E9 – Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind
          • Scans most of Ricks brain and escapes to Citadel
          • Though really Ep 10… if you don’t count the pilot
        • S3E7 – Ricklantis Mixup
          • Rise to President Morty and gains control of the Citadel 
        • S5E10 – Rickmurai Jack
          • The plan all comes together and we see Evil Morty’s plan work out as he escapes the CFC
      • The Central Finite Curve (CFC)
        • Simple Rick, Episode 9, Season 1 EXCELSIOR
        • It allows travel to dimensions where Rick is the smartest person in the universe but restricts access to those universes where Rick isn’t the smartest person. So technically, the multiverse we see in Rick and Morty isn’t a true multiverse but only a section that has been separated from the rest. Link
        • An infinite crib for an infinite baby // a wall around infinity
        • What possibilities exist beyond the CFC?
      • Rick’s Past
        • After his family was killed, he set out to kill the Rick responsible
        • His early adventuring was fueled by his search for that Rick
        • Rick’s hatred of other Ricks expands to the early forming of the Council of Ricks
        • C-137 finally grows tired of killing all the Council of Ricks and when they surrender to him, he actually helps with forming the Citadel
        • Once the Citadel is built, Rick leaves to start his life with the Smith Family and starts his adventures with Morty
      • Lingering Questions
        • Evil Morty outside the CFC with a gold portal gun? Is that the end?
        • Evil Morty’s origin is still up for debate
        • Can this really be the end of portals? At least the green ones?
        • Where does the series go from here? Maybe that’s another podcast…
  • Best/Worst Parts
    • Shoutout to the animation… holy crap it looks great (especially the opening sequences)
    • The Morty production system 
      • The Citadel Producing Mortys for Ricks
    • The quality of dialog stops mattering
    • Rick’s backstory montage (Mind-blowers-esk)
  • Favorite Bits
    • The Anime Title Sequence
    • CrowHorse (Submit to Crow Horse)
    • 40 year old Morty getting slammed for ordering a Rum and Coke
    • Schrab as Crowscare 
    • 40 yr old Morty keeps thinking about lawn care
    • The whole re-build a Morty scene
    • Morty as the poison tester
    • Stan Lee Rick
    • Big Boy Fight
    • Rick said “Yoink”
    • Blade Runner Rick and Birdperson
    • Woah Dead Wife?  Yes, now everyone can shut up about it.
    • Poopy Butthole Season Stinger

Short Outs


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    • New Followers – Hikari10475, lilotaku5670, deerareouttogetus & FilmsandFermentation
  • Reviews
    • Therawr1 – When I saw the show live I thought they were the other person. Love the show it’s great informative and great interviews

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