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July 20, 2021by The CBD0

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THE LONG WAY HOME (my toke…)
Purple Obeah is a popular Maryland flower that I’ve wanted to try for some time it but doesn’t seem to come around near me that often…When I did finally purchase it I was reluctant to give into the hype of its potency which is heralded as being independent of any correlation to its tested potency.


bud of pruple obeah with bright orange pistils
Purple Obeah is possibly now my most favorite chemovars by Evermore…and one that I’d like to keep on hand ..this coming from my previous experiences being a little hit and miss with some of their flower …fragrant and great on optics but a little less potent than I would like.

sideways off kilter of closer image of purple obeah bud cobalt blue glass spoon pipe and green labelI heard Obeah many times touted for its amazing power to sedate, but what really surprised me with the level of cerebral stimulation I experienced mixed with a sort of  I was really surprised at how at first it hit me with a warm cotton feeling in my head and throat and eventually my chest which really propelled the initial cerebrally uptick into high-altitude mood elevation. 

bud of purple obeah with other buds behind

Definitely after successive sessions and in higher levels of ingestion and depending on your day you will feel a little bit tired possibly even sedate and possibly Purple Obeah will help you sleep… but I would say it’s greatest gift is it cerebral uplift and first and foremost its augmentation or sharpening of mental focus.

4 buds of purple obeah
I had just medicated and walked by the intro to the 1980s counterfeiting high-art crime drama, To Live And Die In L.A. …(IMDB LINK HERE)I sat down on the ottoman roughly 4 ft away from the screen and watched the entire movie…and I mean until the last credit.

Let me just say, Purple Obeah, Forbidden Fruit, whatever we may call it somehow managed to compartmentalize, in fact, completely marginalize all of my stress and negative recursive distracting thoughts…at least for the time being…And I was 100% present and enjoying the movie something I haven’t done for quite a while and by myself… well …with my dog Clyde.

I look forward to trying Purple Obeah again and I’ll definitely keep an eye out for a batch even a point or two higher in THC percentage …although that would not dissuade me even if I saw that 13%..
Also I’ve noticed that some strains don’t have that one of legs like the last reviewed evermore favorite Sunset Octane I would say that Purple Obeah is longer lasting.


to live and die in la willem defoe closeup with movie poster in inset
Oh and if you like LA neo -noir L.A. crime dramas, check out to Live And Die In L.A. or watch it again, trust me, it holds up interesting to see such a perfect encapsulation of a period of time from a very unique but somewhat believable angle.

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