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I picture mermaids with long, beachy windblown locks that look effortlessly beautiful. Mermaid hair, don’t care as they say. This Homemade Mermaid Hair Spray supports stronger, longer, and healthier hair. Your hair will look healthy and natural with a mermaid vibe!

mermaid hair spray recipe

I’ve always had thick hair that was the envy of my three sisters. When I had my daughter, her hair did not disappoint. Not only is her hair thicker than mine, but it’s also wild and curly. She constantly gets compliments on her hair. 

I struggled with caring for her hair the first few years. It didn’t have the same texture as mine, and sometimes brushing it was a nightmare. I knew that any product I used on her hair would need to be free of parabens, surfactants, and synthetic fragrances. 

I turned to essential oils and homemade recipes to keep her hair healthy, and also to keep her safe from unwanted chemicals. It took me some time to find the right balance that worked for her unique head of hair. A quality shampoo & conditioner, detangler, and a wet brush worked like magic along with this essential oil mermaid hair spray recipe. 

This Homemade Mermaid Hair Spay uses a combination of essential oils that promote hair growth, balance oil, and restore moisture. 

mermaid hair spray for healthy hair

Best Essential Oils for Healthy Hair

  • chamomile
  • cedarwood
  • clary sage
  • eucalyptus
  • geranium
  • jasmine
  • lavender
  • lemongrass
  • peppermint
  • rose
  • rosemary
  • sandalwood
  • tea tree
  • ylang-ylang

Mermaid Hair Spray Ingredients

  • Rosemary essential oil improves circulation which can stimulate hair growth. It may also help a dry or itchy scalp 
  • Lavender essential oil reduces hair loss, thinning, and breakage by conditioning hair follicles and reducing bacteria
  • Cedarwood has similar benefits to rosemary and lavender. It is a wonderful choice to promote thick and healthy hair
  • Tea Tree has so many uses, and it can even benefit your hair. Tea Tree supports hair growth by clearing your follicles and moisturizing your scalp
  • Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Witch Hazel acts as a base in this recipe and helps the essential oils homogenize. It can stimulate blood flow in the scalp area and reduce build-up and flakes. Use alcohol-free witch hazel to avoid drying out the hair

Mermaid Hair Spray Ingredients

DIY Mermaid Hair Spray Recipe



Using a funnel, add essential oils to a 4-oz glass spray bottle. Fill to the top with witch hazel. Swirl to combine. Store in a cool and dark place for up to 6 months. 

Notes and Substitutions

A carrier oil is optional in this recipe, but if your hair needs extra moisture you can add a teaspoon of argan oil for an added benefit.

You can substitute frankincense, clary sage, or geranium in this recipe for any of the essential oils.

How to Use Mermaid Hair Spray

Spray generously onto the roots of your hair and gently massage it into the scalp. Lift up bottom sections and spray onto roots. Add a few sprays to the ends if hair seems dry or in between cuts. 

You can use this spray on wet or dry hair. I like to use it after a shower when my hair is damp, but not fully dry. Use daily for best results.

Moisturizing Mermaid Hair Spray

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