AudioIs Rick's Ex UNITY a Metaphor for Harmon's Show COMMUNITY?

November 8, 2019by The CBD0

Rick and Morty Season 2 Explained! What is the hidden metaphor of Rick and Morty Season 2 episode AUTO-EROTIC ASSIMILATION (best title ever), in which Rick hooks up with his ex-lover, a hive-mind named Unity? And based on the super-meta Community Easter Egg in the episode, could Unity actually be an analogy for Dan Harmon’s stormy relationship with his brilliant NBC sitcom Community? In this episode of #Ricksplained, longtime Rick and Morty writer and producer RYAN RIDLEY returns to discuss his writing of the Auto-Erotic Assimilation script, and the deeper meaning of Season 2. Join host Erik Voss and special guest Sam Bashor to overanalyze the crap out of one of the best and darkest episodes of the series.Get exclusive access to bonus content and support New Rockstars by becoming a patron!

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