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August 8, 2021by The CBD0

gummiez straneCONCLUSION: Gummiez is the result of crossing Peach Ringz x JetLatto (Jet Fuel x Gelato). Exhibiting a pungent, but pleasant, aroma of lemon Pledge cleaner and candied- fuel, and earth, Gummiez presents an equally disorienting yet appealing visual display as cream-colored trichomes decorate every edge of darkened green and purple leaf on its densely packed buds.

Darkened resinous pistils are embedded in its surface helping to further mottle the already complex landscape of contrast and color.

Gummiez effects are quite balanced as they cover the full spectrum of what a cannabis high can encompass, yet its dominant effects spring from the cerebral hitting the psyche hard and fast with an uplifting and energized euphoria.

Novices may lose a breath as Gummiez’ more frenetic psychoactive sensations begins to flood the mind; those experienced with more cerebrally inclined strains may particularly enjoy this part of Gummiez’ effect.

Gummiez’ uplifting Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene dominant terpene profile, which, although potentially jarring at first, eventually plateaus to an incredibly uplifted, focused, and serene plateau. This can just as easily enrich activities or induce an almost hypnotic serenity verging on a stoney-sedation,  eventually encouraging sleep.

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